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Best way to show backstory on timeline

Sat, 01 Jun 2019 12:37:11 GMT

I am new at using Aeon timeline and was wondering the best way to insert a characters backstory into the timeline. If a character has a backstory that occurs at his birth (40 years before) that is relevant to the plot do I create an event 40 years prior to when the story actually starts and make a note in the event where the backstory would come in? Or would I somehow make the backstory a dependency of the event. Thanks for any help, Richard

Sun, 02 Jun 2019 08:24:28 GMT

Hi Richard, There are multiple ways you could look at putting backstory on your timeline. If you wish the backstory event (such as a birth) to always take place 40 years prior to an evnet in your plot, then a dependency would be helpful in this instance, as it would mean if you move the birth of your character, the backstory event would move with it. You could also use entities to group your events so that you can tell what events belong to backstory vs plot for each character. Two ways you could do this: (the following assumes the Fiction template, but you can do similar things in the other templates) If you open Timeline Settings (the cog icon) and expand Entity Types, then click on Character, you will see two Roles, "Participant" and "Observer". These allow you to assign characters to events, letting you say whether the character participated or observed the event. You could add a third option here by clicking the green plus sign and creating a role called "Backstory". Then when you associate a character with an event, you can choose "Backstory" to indicate this even t is not part of the plot, but part of the character's backstory. Another way you use entities, is to create a new Entity Type called "Story Type" or something similar. Then you could create two Roles - Plot and Backstory. Then you assign to each event whether it is part of the Plot, or part of a Backstory. Using entities this way means you can group your events on the timeline into Plot/Backstory (this is done by the four horizontal line icon on the toolbar), or you could filter events by Plot/Backstory, or a particular person's Backstory etc. In the Manage Entities window (the two person icon), you can also assign a birth event to a character once it has been created. This might also be useful to you. You can always email us as or post here if you have more questions. Jess

Sun, 02 Jun 2019 18:16:21 GMT

Hi Jess, thank you so much for your reply that’s exactly what I was looking for :-)!