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Is there a way to add Dropbox syncing?

Sat, 25 Nov 2017 02:57:52 GMT

I use Dropbox rather than iCloud to sync items (like Scrivener files) between my iMac and iPad. Is this a one-or-the-other thing (Dropbox vs. iCloud), or can there be syncing options? Alternately, is there a way to save Aeon Timeline files locally and share them with Dropbox/via email?

Matthew Tobin
Sat, 25 Nov 2017 03:57:11 GMT

Hi, At present we only have support for iCloud, and it will probably remain that way for the initial launch, but it is possible to add support for Dropbox also, it doesn't have to be an either/or choice. Apple's guidelines to developers used to recommend giving the user the choice (e.g. iCloud vs Local), but then using that one single place to store every file - hence why you can choose to save locally or via iCloud, but not both at the same time. With iOS 11 it looks like Apple themselves are moving away from that model though, so we can move towards supporting more options in future.