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Sat, 25 Nov 2017 12:26:45 GMT

I'm only getting started. But the first thing that stands out for me is that both the iPad and desktop versions are ....sluggish (the desktop beta version is definitely more sluggish than the existing standard version). I'm using two files, one is just made up project management file that I created this morning so only a few entries. The other is the big one - and I admit it might be simply that the file has hundreds of events and entities and just as many links etc. - is this an issue with storing it in iCloud or ....? Normally I store my files in DropBox and there is no noticeable lag.

Sun, 26 Nov 2017 05:57:05 GMT

Hi, iCloud shouldn't make a difference in making the application slower. We are surprised the that desktop version is slower for you, there shouldn't be much difference between that and the current released version. Are you able to describe what exactly feels more sluggish to you when you use it ?(eg. is it slower when you are zooming in and out, or adding an event, or just moving around the timeline etc) Are you able to give us your: iPad model iPad iOS version your desktop system specs (operating system, cpu, memory etc) Thanks, Jess