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Timeline opened incorrectly

Mon, 27 Nov 2017 02:52:53 GMT

Still working with the 0.9.1 version, but I opened a timeline from the welcome screen (first time opening the app today), and it didn't pull up the timeline normally (see screenshot). I could scroll to different sections of the timeline, but the sidebar never showed up correctly. I went back to the welcome screen, opened a different timeline, and that opened normally. I then opened the other timeline, and it was back to normal. So I'm not sure what happened—this was the first time anything like this has occurred, and I haven't been able to get it to do it again. [IMG_0007](// (I whited-out the fantasy gibberish in this screenshot, so the sidebar is the only issue; the blanks are my fault. :))

Matthew Tobin
Mon, 27 Nov 2017 02:53:48 GMT

Hi, Thanks for the report. I will keep an eye out for anything similar.