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New File Extension Confuses Scrivener

Wed, 31 Oct 2018 04:24:24 GMT

Of course the reason it confuses Scrivener is because I store my Aeon 2 file inside my Scrivener project. This has worked perfectly in the past. Originally I'd create a Timeline and save it to my desktop (OS-X) then drag and drop it into the desired spot in Scrivener's binder (and then throw away the file on my desktop). Whenever I'd need to open that file again I'd single-click the Timeline in the binder and Scrivener's edit window would show a giant Aeon 2 icon. To open the file in Aeon Timeline I'd click the little "swooping right arrow" icon just below the lower right corner of the edit window. This would give me the option to open the file Aeon Timeline 2 (along with a few irrelevant choices). Because of the extension renaming by the new Aeon Timeline revision, Scrivener has become confused. It's still looking for .aeon2, while the new extension is .aeonzip. Here's an example of the relevant bit of Scrivener's XML: <BinderItem UUID="8084D9F2-FCFF-42E6-BEBD-51334EB2EA11" Type="Other" Created="2016-09-03 06:12:50 -0600" Modified="2017-11-07 19:04:02 -0700"> <T itle>Family Timelines v0.10b</Title> <MetaData> <FileExtension>aeon2</FileExtension> <PreferredExternalApplication>/Applications/Aeon Timeline</PreferredExternalApplication> </MetaData> </BinderItem> The two files inside the "8084D9F2-FCFF-42E6-BEBD-51334EB2EA11" folder are named: content Backup.aeon2 content.aeonzip The "PreferredExternalApplication" tag looks like a real lifesaver and that all I need to do is diddle the value of "FileExtension". Except I have a fair number of Scrivener projects, and I keep old revs of my Timeline files within them. So that means quite a bit of manually dicking about in several Scrivener XML files. Is there a cleaner solution? Thanks. As a side note, Scrivener's renaming of all files to "content" (and then hiding them in GUID-named folders) is a bitch. My "Recent" list inside Aeon Timeline says: "content", "content", "content", "content", etc. (I don't expect you to fix Scrivener's goofiness.)

Wed, 31 Oct 2018 06:31:47 GMT

Hi, Unfortunately this is a use case we didn't really consider when deciding to change the file extension. What you describe is more or less exactly what is happening: we are renaming the files to the new extension, and Scrivener is continuing to look for the file at the old location. Since you are comfortable poking around in the Scrivener project, the quickest fix we can think of for this would be: 1) Take a backup of the Scrivener project before you start, just in case. 2) Open the Scrivener project. 3) Open every timeline file, in turn, so that they are all updated and renamed at once. 4) Close the Scrivener project. 5) Open the .scrivx XML file 6) Search and replace *<FileExtension>aeon2</FileExtension>* with *<FileExtension>aeonzip</FileExtension>* 7) Save and close the XML file. 8) Reopen the Scrivener project. 9) Scrivener will warn you that "Files were recovered". Basically, it has worked out that there are extra files (the "content Backup.aeon2" files) inside the Scrivener project that it doesn't know about. 10) Conveniently, it will collect all of those aeo n2 backup files into a new folder for you in the Binder, which will allow you to either save them separately, or delete them if you don't want the older copies. This of course isn't ideal if you have a lot of timeline files inside the Scrivener project, but at least taking this approach will resolve everything at once within the Scrivener file so you know it will all work correctly from then on. Of course, please let us know if you encounter any issues following these steps. Jess

Wed, 31 Oct 2018 07:19:14 GMT

Thanks, Jess. I more or less did exactly that. So far for only one project. Converting 10 Aeon Timeline files saved me about 6.5 MB (backup before and after). I even had a few Aeon 1 files, which I converted because I got rid of Aeon 1. Took me a couple of hours to get all the details right. Kept getting confused and so I added an event to each file with the file's title and version #. The biggest issue was to never have both Scrivener and my editor open at the same time. I know that when a software company does a major revision we peeps expect Big Changes with new features, and updated UI, etc. On the other hand irreversible file conversion and a new extension name is pretty big. Maybe this should have been called Aeon 3. I'm gonna call this issue resolved.

Wed, 31 Oct 2018 08:06:23 GMT

Hi, Glad to hear that you got it sorted. We had to change the file extension to support the iPad version of the application we were releasing, and at that point we didn't want to release it as a new version of the desktop application (e.g. Aeon 3) as we weren't ready to charge people again. Jess