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Several timelines for one project

Wed, 04 Oct 2017 04:28:35 GMT

Hi, I'm a brand new user of ATL2 (1 week) and I've already screwed up. I inadvertently created five timelines all designed for the same project. Obviously that doesn't work, because changes made when one timeline is open will not appear in another. I discovered this error after noticing that changes of settings and synced data weren't sticking from one work session to the next. Two of the tinelines have been partially (but unreliably) synced. One of the unsynced ones has more events entered. So what is the best way to fix this? Should I just delete all 5 and start over? That would discard a lot of work. Is there some way to save the more complete of the synced versions, or would that risk syncing glitches down the road? TIA for all suggestions Rafe