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Great News for Soccer Lovers

Fri, 10 Nov 2017 13:35:10 GMT

After years of hard working, we just built SocrPro.com, a system where You can: 1. Store your game videos. 2. Edit those video and create coaching lesson for your team. 3. Share Your videos to other people privately or publicly. 4. Create highlight videos. 5. Manage your team attendance, work-out session. 6. Itinerary management system in IOS and web. 7. Monitoring performance profile for each individual on team etc etc And we build this platform on a freemium model. Please join SocrPro.com today ... I think you’ll love it. Gary https://www.socrpro.com/try-it-today (847) 380-7307 P.S: There is no Catch!..& It's free.