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Add conversations to any site with a few lines of HTML.

Gorgeous discussions, yours for free.


The best thing to happen to forums since forums.

t All posts Everything in one, realtime feed.

All posts

h Feed Only the posts that matter to you.

My Feed

b Expandable Expand threads in place.



Clean commenting for any web page.

X Flat For smaller topics.

Flat commenting

Y Threaded For broader topics.

Threaded commenting


The only solution to combine forums and commenting.

  • w One login
  • g Same users
  • v One design


A true integration with complete JavaScript and CSS control.

Quick forum embed

Muut is an HTML element on your page and is not running on a 3rd party IFRAME. The difference is clear.


Make the discussion match your site's design

Different Muut designs

Muut designer

Completely transform your forum's design in seconds. No CSS skills required.

Standard CSS

Muut is a normal part of your page – not an iframe. It's styleable with CSS.


Forget page reloads: posts, replies, likes and users appear in realtime.


Record breaking

Fastest and smallest, by far.


All screen sizes

The first forum to make it.


Less administration

The easiest job is no job.

  • Automatic spam check With Akismet by Automattic
  • Community spam check With karma ranked users
  • Centralized spam view For administrators only
  • Category management For administrators only

There’s more…


  • Search engine friendly Pushing users to your site from search results.
  • Localized 26+ languages and right-to-left (RTL) support.
  • Syntax highlight Live coloring for over 50 languages.
  • )O('D;
    Vector graphics With CSS definable colors and sizing.
  • Live preview See formatting, smileys and syntax as you type.

  1. Unlimited 10, 1,000 or 100,000,000 loads a day, for free.
  2. Automatic emails to follow new replies.
  3. Drag and drop to change the Avatar.
  4. Facebook auth to post in seconds.
  5. Secure with https and wss.
  6. m


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