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Like all the best ideas, Muut was born out of frustration.

In 2009, three of us, Tero Piirainen, Courtney Couch and Janne Lehtinen, were looking for a replacement for an aging forum solution on a site we worked on. We found none that we were nearly satisfied with.


Online discussion forums of 2009 were pretty much in the same, sorry state as they were in 1999. Thus began work on a new, modern discussion platform that would become Muut.

Astonishingly — and somewhat sadly — during the 3.5 years Muut was in development before its launch in April 2013, not much changed in the field.


The most fundamental changes Muut brings are:

  • Muut is forums and commenting unified
  • Muut is embeddable
  • Muut is easily styleable
  • Muut is responsive
  • Muut is fast
  • Muut is lightweight
  • Muut is realtime
  • Muut is simple and uncluttered

These were all features we considered absolutely essential, but were nowhere to be found in existing solutions — in combinations, or alone. They were simply missing.


Not that building such a platform was easy.

These are all features that you can not simply copy into existing solutions. You have to start from scratch. In other words, to achieve many of the above features, we had to abandon the idea of using existing code libraries and create our own instead.

As a result, Muut is jaw-droppingly fast and lightweight.

Likewise, to achieve a clean, uncluttered design that works in a single view, we had to abandon any pre-conceived notions of what a forum and commenting solution has to look like.

As a result, Muut is clean and uncluttered.


This was no easy task, but we firmly believe that what we achieved, and still aim to achieve, is a forum and commenting solution with everything that it takes for one to become a gold standard of online discussion.

Here’s to the future of online discussion!


A heartfelt thanks to Salvatore Sanfilippo, Ryan Dahl, John Resig, Dieter Rams and Pieter Hintjens. We couldn’t have built Muut without your groundbreaking work.

– The Muut team