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Account FAQ

How often do I get billed?

Muut plans are billed as monthly or yearly subscriptions that automatically renew after the previous billing period has ended. All subscriptions, including yearly, can be canceled at any time.

My credit card expired / was canceled, how do I modify the payment method?

You can update your credit card information on this page.

Can I delete a community?

Forums once created cannot be deleted. If you just don’t like the community-name, which is a unique ID of your forum, note that you cannot change that either. In that case you should simply create a new forum with the desired community-name. There is no limit on the number of forums you can create under your @username. Those forums that you no longer use can be simply abandoned. Once your subscription expires, your community will be disabled.

The liberty to delete communities arbitrarily could easily be abused, and is against our principle of content permanence, so we give no exceptions regardless of the intention. To learn why permanence is critical to online discussion, please read the Muut manifesto.

However, if you'd like to remove all your communities and data permanently, this can be accomplished by a complete account deletion. Please contact us for more information on deleting your account.

Can I delete my account?

Contact us for more information on deleting your account. Doing so will remove your personal data — email, hashed password, avatar, and username — from our system.

The content that you created across Muut communities will not be automatically deleted as part of the process; Instead, those posts will be attributed to an anonymous username that won’t identify you. You may manually remove any content from the forum(s) on which you owned admin rights, but not from those that you were a regular user of. The reason behind this decision is that we take the responsibility for the integrity of the forums owned by others: they shouldn’t lose their community content involuntarily due to certain users terminating their account. However, in accordance with GDPR regulations you may contact the admins of those forums requesting content removal.

I have multiple forums but upgraded the wrong one. How do I change it?

Cancel the subscription on the wrong forum, then contact us at [email protected] for payment cancellation. Then you can upgrade the correct forum.

I have either Designer or Developer subscription, and want some other paid features.

Please contact us at [email protected].


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Always free

A lightning fast, real-time, modern forum that’s engaging and was built for mobile devices from the start.


Add real-time comment sections on your blog, photo gallery, product pages, etc.

Unlimited traffic

100, 100k or 100M users, posts, or page views per month, for free. There is absolutely no limits here. We don't punish people for success.

Unlimited users and posts

100, 100k or 100M users, posts, or page views per month, for free. There is absolutely no limits here. We don't punish people for success.


Place Muut on your site with a couple of lines of html. A true part of your site – not an iframe.


Use Muut Designer or standard CSS to style your community.

Spam handling

Automatic spam prevention using our own special detection methods, Akismet, and your community.

28+ languages

Pick from existing localizations, or provide your own.

Seach engine optimized

Designed to be easily indexed by all search engines easily regardless of where Muut is embedded.


All client-server communications uses are secured by SSL by default.

Billed annually or $20 month-to-month Or upgrade now
Unlimited traffic/users/data +
Your logo, banner and color

Add your own logo and color to Muut notification emails, static SEO pages, authentication and confirmation dialogues, and add a banner on your hosted community.

Toned down Muut branding

Only a small m- logo link will appear at the bottom of your discussion areas instead of the logo, slogan, and a new community setup.

Google analytics

Track your community’s usage statistics with Google’s Analytics tools and our custom dashboard.

Saved design

Use Muut Designer to style your community in seconds, then click to save for the new style to show up immediately.

Twitter address

Use your own Twitter handle for discussions shared on Twitter.

Custom email from- name

Use a custom name to appear as a sender of your community’s notification emails.

Sharing customizations

Use your own image to appear next to discussions shared on Facebook or disable sharing completely if you want need it.

Multiple administrators

Add more administrators to help manage your community.

Designer themes

Pick from a selection of stylish default themes to use as-is, or use as a base for your own designs.

Billed annually or $45 month-to-month Or upgrade now
All MINI features +
Outgoing Webhooks

Configure Muut to send custom event notifications to specified services. Can be used to build widgets such as “Latest posts”, “Trending posts”, etc.; or use Muut’s official Wordpress plugin to use our ready-made widgets.

Moderator access

Give moderator access rights to users. Moderators can delete posts and access the spam view to unspam posts, but not change the settings.

Custom reply-to address

Use your own reply-to email address on email notifications to users.

Federated identity

Use your own user database, authentication system, and login screen. Your users transparently become Muut users – without additional registration. No user limits.

Custom S3 bucket

Store the discussion in your own S3 bucket. Have search engines crawl the content under your own domain. Also good for data backups.

Disable indexing

Prevent your discussions from being indexed by search engines at

Additional Designer themes

Pick from a selection of stylish default themes to use as-is, or as a base for your own designs.

Custom domain

Run a hosted community under a domain name chosen by you.

Billed annually or $120 month-to-month Or upgrade now
All SMALL features +
Member only access

Make your community private and only let selected users to view or post.

Secure embedding

Restrict embedding of your community to other sites.

All designer themes

Pick from a selection of stylish default themes to use as-is, or as a base for your own designs.

Coming: Password access

Make your community private by only allowing people with a password to enter.

Trial contains all the above features. No credit card required!

Questions? Email us: [email protected]