The Muut blog Real-time forums and commenting right on your site en-us Copyright 2017, Muut Inc. Muut Muut and GDPR Today we are announcing Muut IO, the community development platform that allows you to take your community app from idea to production in record time. 2018-05-25 Muut spring cleaning Muut is known for its simplicity and minimalism. We are proud to include only the necessary features while removing clutter. And we're not afraid to take that further. 2017-04-18 Announcing: Muut IO — The community development platform for developers Today we are announcing Muut IO, the community development platform that allows you to take your community app from idea to production in record time. 2016-11-30 Why your online business benefits from an online community. We take a look at the benefits of an online community. 2016-08-15 Building a successful online community, Part 3: Launching How do you get people to visit your shiny new community? 2016-03-22 Building a successful online community, Part 2: Building You know who your audience will be and where you're going with the community; now's the time to get your hands dirty! This is Part 2 in a series where we explain how you can start a community and make it successful. 2016-03-11 Building a successful online community, Part 1: Planning Starting an online community is one thing; making it successful is quite another. Read on for Part 1 in a series where we explain how you can start a community and make it successful! 2016-02-26 Private Forums 101 “Members Only Access” allows you, with the flick of a switch, to create a private forum. 2016-02-04 Implementing Muut Fed-Id (SSO) in PHP Federated identities feature allows you to transparently create and authorize users using identities you control. This allows you to create a truly seamless user experience.. 2016-01-27 Muut + Talki Muut acquires Talki. 2015-12-23 Muut Act 3: Messaging Messaging marks the third act for the Muut community platform. You can use messaging by itself, or connect with commenting and/or forums. 2015-11-02 Weebly and Muut Two great tastes, together at last 2015-10-01 Muut Large plan MailChimp, Zapier & SalesForce integration 2015-04-08 Switching from Disqus to Muut What tighter integration can give you. 2015-03-26 From React to Riot 2.0 The story behind Riot 2.0 and issues we faced with Facebook React 2015-01-23 Shopify App The Muut Shopify app offers you the ability to add gorgeous real-time discussions to your Shopify store and gives any visitor the opportunity to interact with your community. 2014-12-03 Muut v1.13 New settings, JSON export, Watch all new posts, Custom watermarks 2014-11-25 Slack integration Real-time messages from and to Slack 2014-10-30 Disqus importer

One of our most requested feature is now complete! Now you can import all your Disqus comments to Muut.

Benefits for site visitors

  • clean and minimal user interface
  • easy to follow, linear and real-time discussions
  • permanent content that everyone can trust
  • insanely fast loads and actions
  • no ads or promoted posts. never

Benefits for site owners

  • a matching design: the comments can be styled with CSS, just like the rest of the page
  • a static version of the comments is automatically generated for search engines increasing your page rank
  • not just commenting, but forums too!

What are you waiting for? Importing is super easy and fun!

Import from Disqus! 2014-09-12 WordPress Plugin 3.0.2 Now with 5 real-time Widgets! 2014-08-01 Muut v1.12 – Member only access and Webhooks We are excited to introduce Muut v1.12, the biggest release since launch! New features include member only access, webhooks and centralized settings with lots of new options. 2014-06-16 WordPress Plugin 3.0 Release That's right, embedding in WordPress just got easier. 2014-05-20 1 year of Moot: growth, investment, and rebranding to Muut We launched Moot one year ago, and the welcome has certainly been enthusiastic. Here's what’s happened thus far. 2014-04-27 Muut service failure April 23, 2014: post mortem On April 23, 2014, 10:24pm (Finnish time), the Muut service encountered a series of very unfortunate failures — dictionary definition of a perfect storm — that caused all data created after March 27 all the way to April 23 to disappear. 2014-04-25 Muut 1.11 – Go Viral! Your forum users now have the ability to take things viral for you: share an entire thread, or select to share a quote on Twitter or Facebook 2014-03-25 Muut 1.10 – Google+ login, banning, quick embedding This Muut update contains some of the most oft-requested features from our users, as well as some that have long been in the pipeline: Google Login, Banning users, Title-less threaded commenting and Quick embedding 2014-03-12 Muut Developer Muut 1.9 – Developer Upgrade: Private forums, custom S3 buckets 2013-12-19 Muut Designer Change typography and sizing in seconds without CSS skills! 2013-11-26 Riot.js — The 1kb client-side MVP library An incredibly fast, powerful yet tiny client side library for building large scale web applications. 2013-11-01 Frameworkless JavaScript Why Angular, Ember, or Backbone don't work for us 2013-09-17 Muut 1.7 — Analytics, image uploads and better titles Latest version of Muut brings Google Analytics, image upload, separate input for title, and the ability to load earliest replies in a topic 2013-09-12 Crisp Thinking + Muut Today we are announcing our partnership with Crisp Thinking. The upcoming upgrade of Muut will go far beyond spam filtering by utilizing intelligent auto-moderation and user profiling. 2013-09-04 That Wibbly Wobbly Real-Timey Wimey stuff The realtime magic behind Muut and how we deliver all your instant notifications. 2013-08-26 Muut 1.6 — "Someone is writing..." As of version 1.6 the world's most realtime online discussion platform is now even more realtime 2013-08-22 Muut for Wordpress We are proud to announce the official Wordpress plugin. 2013-08-14 Muut 1.5 – Branding and Single Sign-On (SSO) Today we are proud to announce two major new features to Muut, available as paid upgrades: Branding and Single Sign-On (SSO). 2013-06-27 Muut 1.4 – Focus on text Our mission with Muut is to bring the real conversation back to the forefront. Muut 1.4 introduces a host of typographic enhancements and hand-picked formatting options to better convey your thoughts through your words. 2013-06-11 Muut 1.3 – Subchannels & Sticky Posts Muut 1.3 is a third major update with subchannels, sticky posts, vastly improved documentation, 4 new languages and custom domain for search engines. 2013-05-28 Muut 1.2 – SEO, Language versions 2nd major update with SEO, 14 languages, RTL support, smart image linking and improvements on mobile UI. 2013-05-06 You spent 3.5 years on this?? When we started working on a modern forums and commenting platform in 2009, we certainly didn't envision launching it in April 2013. 2013-04-26 Muut 1.1 – Mail notifications and image embedding Muut 1.1 is the first major Muut update. Just 2 weeks after the launch this release marks the first in a series of big updates that are about to come. 2013-04-16 8 Days. 8000 forums. Muut launched 8 days ago and has received an overwhelmingly positive response. While we believed we had something good in our hands, the reaction far surpassed our wildest expectations. 2013-04-12 Redis as the primary data store? WTF?! Redis is a key-value in memory data store typically used for caches and other such mechanisms to speed up web applications. We however store all our data in Redis as our primary database. 2013-04-08 Muut Beta We're proud to present a beautiful discussion platform that anyone can copy and paste onto their site, starting today. 2013-04-03