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8 Days. 8000 forums.

Muut Inc • 2013-04-12

Muut launched 8 days ago and has received an overwhelmingly positive response. While we believed we had something good in our hands, the reaction far surpassed our wildest expectations.

“Goodbye ugly forums!” —TechCrunch

“Looks fantastic” —Smashing Magazine

“I can’t think of any feature-rich tool for website owners since WordPress that is as exciting as Muut.” —SocialNewsDaily

Last week on Wednesday, after three and a half years in development, we decided to make our efforts public and launch Muut, a modern Forums and Commenting platform that we think represents a complete re-imagination of what forums have traditionally been.

While we were hopeful, and knew deep inside that it has what it takes to grab a lot of people’s attention, we could never have hoped or imagined the response Muut was to receive after we fired the first messages out to the web.

From Muut forums

“ might be the best thing to happen to the Web since WordPress.”

“Im sure this is the future of forums”

“i created a forum and embedded it on my tumblr blog :) It’s just amazing!”

“This is the Internet we are looking for.”

“Awesome, love this forum. Neat, minimalist and easy on the eyes. Can’t wait to move my forum over to Muut.”

The interest in Muut has simply been massive, and the response overwhelmingly positive. So far, in its present Beta state, more than 8000 Muut forums & commenting have been setup, and we’re seeing Muut forums and commenting pop up on quite a few sites and gradually begin to gain traction.

We have seen articles on websites like TechCrunch, countless blog entries, as well as thousands of tweets, mentions and forum comments in praise of Muut. We are seeing plugins pop up for various blogging tools and CMS’s such as Wordpress and Joomla; guides for integrating Muut into services like Blogger; and discussions about how to set it up for yet others like Tumblr and Squarespace.

From Twitter

“Just added Muut forums to my website in like 5 mins. Pretty awesome.”

“I am blown away”

“Muut is really a game changing thing. blazingly fast”

“Muut looks absolutely lovely. It makes me want to own a forum, just to have the opportunity to use it.”

“Meet — the best platform for forums ever?”

We are honored by all the positive feedback and want to thank everyone who decided to try out Muut. Thanks to everyone who has posted positive feedback, feature requests or criticism on our forums and email: it’s greatly helped us clear our vision of where we want to take Muut in future releases. Special thanks to everyone who took the time to report to us the numerous bugs that we knew a beta release of a product as complex as Muut would contain; and to those who have already devoted so much of their own time to starting to develop plugins for our lovechild.

Thank you.

The Muut Team

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