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Crisp Thinking + Muut

Muut Inc • 2013-09-04

Today we are announcing our partnership with Crisp Thinking. The upcoming upgrade of Muut will go far beyond spam filtering by utilizing intelligent auto-moderation and user profiling.

Here at Muut our mission is to improve the quality of discussions on the internet. This has impacted everything including our UX and what features we opted to include or exclude in the platform.

One huge problem with online discussions has always been spam and how to handle it. Online forums are often riddled with it, moderators burdened with removing it.

Forum moderation

Normally you'd need more moderators as the community grows

Spam can greatly harm a site’s overall experience: a great forum with spam is like a luxury hotel room with cockroaches and a clogged toilet!

Our current moderation focuses on content analysis which is effective against obvious types of spam. This is what all forums and commenting solutions do these days. Spam is just the tip of the iceberg, though, and filtering posts containing prescription drug names etc. will not suffice in preventing all unsuitable, malicious, and inappropriate content.

With Crisp we can do much more. Misbehaving users (cyber bullies and predators) are the real root of this problem. To succeed in in keeping discussions clean, the most efficient way is not to focus on spam, but spammers; not malicious posts, but malicious users.

Forum moderation

Efficient moderation focuses on users, not posts

Crisp Thinking

Crisp Thinking is the biggest and greatest in social media moderation solutions, protecting 180 million users and hundreds of global brands. We wanted to partner with the best.

The moderation services they offer have previously only been available to the big corporations, but now every website, big or small, can enjoy these powerful tools.

From their about page:

Crisp’s goal was to build a set of technologies that could understand the context of User Generated Content and profile the behavior of users — automatically taking care of moderation. At the same time we wanted to pro-actively identify the content that required engagement. […] We built a technology platform that […] has been trained to identify all kinds of online behaviors ranging from trolls and spammers to sexual predators, game cheats and hackers. Our technology is proprietary, encompassing unique natural language processing algorithms and a machine-learning engine.

While Muut provides a realtime forum and commenting experience unparalleled in responsiveness, Crisp’s removal of unwanted content is equally near-instant. In combination, they will create a fast, smoothly functioning way for sites to increase the feeling of safety and friendliness, ultimately boosting engagement with users, popularity and traffic. All this in over 50 languages!

Sites can now can now take advantage of these tools to make even the most difficult to moderate communities (like forums aimed for kids, teens, or gamers) manageable at an affordable price.

Needless to say, we are very excited about this — and so are the guys at Crisp. Adam Hildreth, Crisp’s CEO, had this to say:

“I have no doubt that Muut’s product and our service will complement each other and blend together seamlessly in this fantastic new venture. I’m sure that together Muut and Crisp will prove to be an integral part of any website.”

We couldn’t agree more :)

A unique offering

In our minds, this is an important milestone in our efforts towards better online discussion. Nothing available today matches this combination of features and value to those building online communities. We simply cannot wait to make Crisp’s moderation options available with Muut in the next few weeks!

Crisp website:


The Muut Team

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