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Announcing: Muut IO — The community development platform for developers

Monika London • 2016-11-30

We’ve just launched Muut IO. It’s a cool new service separate from the core Muut experience that expands on what can be done with Muut.

Regular Muut users will be happy to know that nothing is changing for you. Just keep using Muut like normal, and you’ll continue to get the excellent service you’ve grown to love. Muut IO opens up a new way to use Muut for developers wanting more control over their Muut experience.

If you’re a developer looking to build an app with a social component — or if you’re just a developer seeking to get more out of Muut — Muut IO gives you access to the same robust and scalable infrastructure powering Muut. Over the years, as we’ve grown to over 2 million communities, we’ve built a system that handles the problems that developers would need to address when creating a large scale product with discussion or conversation components.

With Muut IO you’ll get access to a lot of new features and capabilities to help make your app shine, using the same power, stability, and speed Muut is known for.


Muut IO has a lot to offer. Here is a taste of what you’ll get:

  • Metadata storage in posts allowing you to leverage Muut IOs new features to build your application:

    • With new metadata, adding ticket tracking with status, assignments, and sorting is easy.
    • Store and filter by geo location
    • Tag content, and sort based on those tags
    • Hierarchical data makes possible use cases endless!
  • Usage-based pricing

    • Multiple communities with a single subscription
  • More flexibility with fewer restrictions
  • And more…

Developer focus

We built Muut IO with developers in mind, giving low-level access to the things that make Muut impressive, while extending our feature set to give you the freedom to make it your own. You can shave months or years of development time by using our time tested product power your app, while still giving you the flexibility to make it your own. There’s a lot of cool stuff under the hood, and a lot of new features you can use to make your next killer app.

We can’t wait to show you:

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