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1 year of Moot: growth, investment, and rebranding to Muut

Muut Inc • 2014-04-27

We launched Moot one year ago, and the welcome has certainly been enthusiastic. Here's what’s happened thus far.


We are happy to announce that Moot (now Muut — more on that below!) has recently closed an investment round of $770,000 led by Oregon Angel Fund, and including Portland Seed Fund. With this new funding we welcome our new partners, and we’re excited with the extended opportunity to continue our efforts in developing the go-to choice for embedded online discussion.

Muut after 1st year


Welcome Muut! Yes, we know: it might sound funny since you’re not used to it — then again, didn’t Moot sound funny when you first heard it? We loved the name, but honestly, we love the new name even more, and we’re absolutely thrilled with the new url —

Muut brand

As awareness of our service kept growing it became clear to us we needed to shift from our .it domain to a .com domain. With Muut we have our 4 letter .com as well as a new distinctive brand.

We have already started the process of migrating everything over to the new domain, but no need to worry — your old embeds pointing to will continue to work so you won’t need to do anything!

1st anniversary

We got off to an explosive start one year ago, on April 3rd, 2013 — and looking back, it’s been an incredible year.

Muut after 1st year

There have been numerous glowing reviews and articles about Muut in the tech media; tutorials, plugins and integrations for embedding Muut into blogging and website building platforms; and, most importantly, a big crowd of users and forum administrators who really seem to like what we have set out to achieve here. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Muut seems to fill a glaring void on the internet: that of a super fast, built-for-mobile, easy-to-use, lightweight, beautiful, uncluttered forum and commenting solution that you can embed on your site and style to your liking.

Thanks everyone who created a forum, embedded a Moot forum or commenting on their site, or signed up as a user.

New team members

So far on our forums you might have bumped into 4 team members — Courtney, Tero, Janne, and Huidong — but today, Muut is a growing team of 9 people! Say hi to the new members of our distributed team: Michael, Paul, Dave (US), Aurimas (Lithuania), and Béatrice (France)!

The new, extended Muut team will obviously be able to move much faster in terms of development and product support. In 2014 you can expect to see a lot of progress with forum data importers, integrations into Wordpress and other platforms, the Muut API documentation for deeper integration, administrative features, and simply more eyes scanning the forums and helping with any questions and problems you might have.

Welcome to the Muut team! We’re excited to have you work with us.

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