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Muut Inc • 2015-04-08

We’ve been hard at work adding new functionality and making Muut even better. What is the Large plan? It’s got everything the medium plan has, but now you can track and connect with your community members with even greater precision. With our Large plan you can start up a newsletter, or augment one you already have. You can track your users and tailor notifications or sales leads to their use of Muut. You can even connect Muut to new services, just like webhooks, but without any code experience. We’re excited about these killer new features, and we know our subscribers will be too.

User database

User database let’s you track memberships, setup mailing lists and more. The user database is the foundation the rest of the Large plan is built on. We tossed our authentication system with federated identity (Fed-ID) into a blender and out came the best of our authentication mixed with the control of Fed-ID. Bringing you unprecedented control over your Muut user lists and emails.

If you team is using Muut to augment your support system, user database can help you manage that even tighter.

How it works

When new members sign up for a community — or with Muut in general — we use financial grade encryption, hashes, and salts to keep things secure. All communication, content, and user authentication with our servers are done using hyper secure 2048-bit SSL encryption. We never even have access to unencrypted credentials.

Federated identification, however, puts authentication and registration into your hands — though we still handle all the content. Since you are in control you get to authenticate and register users, and we just use your method for your community.

The user database is the best of both worlds. You get our world-class authentication mechanism, but the users create a login specific to your community only. The login won’t work on any other Muut community. It’s similar to federated identity, but instead of maintaining your own authentication system you get ours with our top-notch security. This lets you leave all the hard work to us, but allows you controlled access to something that is locked out on any other plan, your user database.

Connect to users with Mailchimp

Mailchimp isn’t just newsletters, it’s a hub of customer contact. More than 7 million people use Mailchimp to send more than 10 billion emails every month. You’ve probably heard their ads on a podcast at some point. It’s a popular platform and we want you to be able to take advantage of a great tool to get in touch with your community.

Muut now syncs your user list with Mailchimp. Your mailing list will grow with your community. Send your users special offers, sales notifications, newsletters, or even seasons greetings. Large package subscribers will have access to their user’s display name and email address directly in Mailchimp. When a user updates their information on Muut we sync it, so you never miss out.

Manage contacts with Highrise

Take your address book to the next level. Muut will integrate your user database into Highrise. The folks at Highrise help you handle your customer relationships in a way that centers person-to-person contact. This central focus benefits teams. You can assign tasks, share files, and get reminders. Muut integration helps grow that list of contacts and extends your ability to support and keep in touch with your users.

Integrate with Zapier*

Webhooks without code! Have you ever wished Muut integrated with a service we don’t list? Maybe you want images uploaded from Muut to autopost onto Instagram, or maybe you want to auto-post to Twitter. Zapier is a mega popular integration and automation service that allows you to connect with over 300 online services.

Now, with Muut integration your limit is your imagination. Automatically search for posts with @mentions and send that person an email, or turn any post into a support ticket in Zendesk. It goes both ways, too. You can post to Muut from any Zapier supported service. Zaps can create a new post when you update your WordPress blog; or, notify your internal, private community that a new user has been added to basecamp.

Email marketing with Campaign Monitor

Not everyone has the experience or talent to create beautiful and professional email marketing campaigns, and Campaign Monitor comes with this in mind. You can draft dazzling and effective emails easily. They’ve got A/B testing, responsive designs, themes and design tools so you can look professional out of the gate. They even integrate with customer relationship management systems like Highrise and Salesforce so you can tie everything together.

Manage your relationships with Salesforce

Salesforce is huge, and is the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) system out there. CRM is all about tracking and managing your current and future customers. It can help you tailor leads, or find new ones.

Marketing, analytics, and sales help enterprises grow, and with our new Large plan we make sure you don’t lose sight of what your users are up to when they’re using Muut. We’ll sync user data from Muut directly to Salesforce and from there you can track users and attach data from Muut to existing data directly in the salesforce application.

*Muut’s Zapier integration is currently in beta.


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