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Muut + Talki

Courtney Couch • 2015-12-23

I’m excited to share the news that Muut has acquired Talki.

We’ve focused for years on building and powering great communities across the internet. Our mission has been to create communities that are focused on actual discussions, so bringing Talki under the Muut umbrella helps us fulfill that mission.

Talki — the only other embedded community in our class — has built an incredible user base. This great opportunity means Muut is now the largest platform of its kind with more than 1.8 million communities driving more than 30 years worth of great discussions each day. We’re excited to continue to build great communities and this growing opportunity to eventually become the standard for easy to set-up, and powerful communities that produce great content.

Talki will continue to operate as is. Users will have a home at Talki, and don’t have to worry about the future of the service. Those looking to upgrade to Muut will, eventually, have a one click upgrade path — ending the painful process of losing content when switching to another platform.

Muut will continue to grow and have more advanced features than Talki.

The Talki journey has seen us go from a small product to over a million communities. We’re excited Talki will be joining Muut to take it to the next level. This team knows forums and are a very dedicated group. — Dan Bragiel, Co-founder of Talki

Muut remains focused on our manifesto. It’s not about the products, it’s about building great communities. Nobody raves about swiss army knife products, they rave about focused products that solve problems very effectively.

It’s our way of approaching things that makes Muut unique, interesting, and different. We’re excited about the new opportunities this brings us and our users. Cool stuff on the way.

Courtney Couch
CEO / Co-Founder
Muut, Inc.

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