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Slack integration

Michael Neil • 2014-10-30

Real-time messages from and to Slack

Slack is a team collaboration tool. Like Muut, Slack is real-time, grouped by channels, and text-focused. It also allows you to direct message team members, share files, and search conversations. Slack is a great complement to your growing forum and comments. Our integration enables you to keep your team up-to-date on your community activity!

Extend Muut

The integration offers the following options:

  • Send new posts to any Slack channel or user
  • Send new replies to any Slack channel or user
  • Reply to conversations on Muut directly from Slack
  • Track Likes and Replies of posts
  • Send reminders when posts go unanswered

New Posts / Replies

Need to know when somebody posts on your forum? Anytime a new post is created in Muut you can have it sent directly to Slack. Setup is easy. Add a notification for new posts in the Slack integration settings and you’re ready to go.

Direct Messaging

Support for @mentions of users or any text! You can set up notifications for any text appearing in a post or reply and have it sent to a channel or even a user on Slack. Now anytime someone mentions your username you will get that message directly in Slack. And you can reply to it from there.

Reply to messages from Slack

By adding a slash command integration on Slack you can reply directly to posts on your Muut forum or comments. Each incoming message receives a unique 3 character id that you can reply to. By simply typing /reply tid: The message to the user you can respond to the message “The message to the user” identified by tid.

If your team or company is using Muut and Slack then this integration will streamline your forum interactions. You can rest assured that no post, reply, or mention goes unseen.

Slack integration is part of the Muut MEDIUM plan. You can start a free trial to test the integration (along with other goodies) for 14 days without a credit card.

If you already have a trial going or are a Medium subscriber you can start setting up the Slack integration by going into your forum settings and going to the ‘integrations’ tab.


– Michael Neil

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