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Muut 1.11 – Go Viral!

Muut Inc • 2014-03-25

Your forum users now have the ability to take things viral for you: share an entire thread, or select to share a quote on Twitter or Facebook

Viral sharing

Choosing the right forum software is the most important step in building a lively, engaging place for discussion that your community can participate in. Muut’s speed, realtime function, and clean, uncluttered looks have proved inviting, with some forums routinely producing discussion threads of thousands of replies.

For people to participate in the discussions, you have to get them to your site first though. Starting with Muut v1.11, your users can share entire threads on Twitter or Facebook or select to share a specific quote with a few clicks, so their friends and followers can also join in. For sharing elsewhere, click the link to the thread (menu icon on the title row) or a reply (reply date), and copy the link to share anywhere.

Post counts

For linking to specific discussions or channels on your front page or elsewhere on your site, you can now include comment counts to go with them by adding a bit of code and pointing to the path of the thread or the discussion area in question.

Post counts

Muut search is now faster. In fact, it’s now crazy fast. The search requests are consistently handled under 4ms on the server, i.e. over twice as fast as before, which is on par with anything else you do on the forums. If you never tried the Muut search, now’s a good time.

Notification mail templates

Notification mail templates have been redesigned for branding to stand out more for premium users.

New email notifications

Read the full details on Muut v1.11 here


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