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Muut v1.12 – Member only access and Webhooks

Muut Inc • 2014-06-16

We are excited to introduce Muut v1.12, the biggest release since launch! New features include member only access, webhooks and centralized settings with lots of new options.

Developer upgrade

Our current Developer subscribers are in for some real treats: welcome member only access and webhooks.

Member only access

When enabled, your forum users will need to request access and get accepted to view and join the conversation on your forums.

Member only access

Access requests are accepted or rejected through settings, as well as administrators, and bans. You can create a member only community within seconds and it even works on a static site.


Muut now supports several types of webhooks. Webhooks allow external services to be notified when certain events happen on Muut. When the specified events happen, Muut sends a POST request in JSON format to each of the URLs you provide. Post or reply, users entering or leaving, liking or unliking, spam post or unspamming a post, and removal of posts are all supported event types.


Basically Webhooks enable you to create Muut extensions displaying different types of events, recent or realtime, happening on the forum on other parts of the site. Few possibilities:

  • New post or a number of new posts
  • A user is writing…
  • Analytics storage/generation—how many posts per day, etc.
  • Latest Posts widget
  • Popular Threads widget

Webhook settings

Webhooks are added and controlled through general settings accessed from the forums when logged in as an administrator.

Centralized settings

The settings section has also received a refresh. All settings can now be found in one place, neatly organized, and there are many new options available for subscribers and free users alike.

Centralized settings

One of the highlights includes Language selection, which allows you to set the forum’s language globally — no need to manually include the language files anymore when embedding on your own site.

Developer subscribers will be managing the user lists and webhooks through settings. Premium users can upload their logo, set the global brand color, change their mail notification reply-to address, Facebook share thumbnail, and Twitter share handle in the settings.


Channel editing has been moved to the new settings from the forum sidebar. When you hit the “Edit” action a new “Channels”- tab is opened on the settings overlay. We have more room to play with allowing us to add more functionality there in future such as nested categories.

MINI plan upgrade

The MINI subscription has been beefed up significantly with a bunch of new customization options for forums, sharing, and email notifications.

Forum banner

The most obvious change for MINI subscribers is the addition of a customizable banner image on the hosted forums at[forumname]. If you’re using Muut as a standalone forum (not embedding on your own site), then this is a great way to customize the forum’s looks.

Sharing and mail customizations

The reply-to address for email notifications, Twitter share handle, and Facebook share thumbnail can now be customized from the settings panel.

Facebook sharing

Improved documentation

Check out the new and revised Muut Documentation with better navigation!

To see the full list of updated items, check Muut 1.12

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