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Muut v1.13

Muut Inc • 2014-11-25

New settings, JSON export, Watch all new posts, Custom watermarks

Watch for new posts

We recently introduced a Slack integration so teams can keep track of what’s happening in their Muut communities. With this update, all users can opt to get an email notification anytime someone posts something new. Just click your name in the community’s top right corner, and select “Watch all posts”. Now every time someone posts something new on the forum in your absence, you will get a notification. Great for communities that don’t get hourly activity, so administrators, moderators, and users don’t need to constantly visit the page to see if there’s new activity.

Completely new settings

As Muut’s feature set keeps growing, the settings section has also been steadily expanding. That’s why we decided to divide the settings in clearly named group with fewer settings per group. Now there’s much less guessing involved in finding the settings you were looking for, and they work great on mobile, too!

Custom watermarks

Medium plan subscribers can now use a custom logo for image uploads in posts instead of the default Muut one. You can also select the logo bar color, or even completely disable watermarking.

Data export

You can now export your Muut community’s full discussion data for backups and other purposes. It’s your data, so feel free to store it or take it with you!

A new user profile page

The user profile page now has a section at the top showing the user’s avatar, display name, and username at the top of their page, followed by threads they created or participated in. The section looks particularly nice in comparison for federated id users who earlier only had a somewhat complex username and a user icon there. The profile page can be accessed by clicking the user’s avatar in the discussions.

Brazilian Portuguese

Muut now supports 28 languages with the addition of Brazilian Portuguese. Bem-vindos, folks!


– Muut team

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