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Muut 1.4 – Focus on text

Muut Inc • 2013-06-11

Our mission with Muut is to bring the real conversation back to the forefront. Muut 1.4 introduces a host of typographic enhancements and hand-picked formatting options to better convey your thoughts through your words.


Text can now be italicized. This is useful for subtle emphasizing of words, sentences, or entire paragraphs.

Muut also now supports bolding. Before getting too excited in anticipation to get to write entire paragraphs, even whole posts in bolded text, you can only bold one word at a time. This way users cannot hijack an entire forum page with one post, directing all eyes on their block of bolded text.

In addition to the syntax highlighting, short snippets of code can now be inserted inside backtics (`) for monospacing.

Finally there are “smart” text transformations:

  • Normal quotes “ and ‘ are transformed into “curly” quotes
  • Dashes “ - ” and “–” are transformed into en- and em-dash entities
  • Three dots “…” is turned into an ellipsis (…)

Select to quote

Quoting is now really simple: highlight the text you want to quote, then hit the “-button that appears. The selected text, along with the author’s name, appears in the text edit box. The quote works as a link to the quoted text as well (when already loaded on the page).

Youtube and Vimeo overlays

Video links to Youtube and Vimeo are now shown side-by-side with any image links you post. Clicking on the link opens a gallery overlay view, where watching the video is possible without leaving the site.

Multiple administrators

You can now have multiple administrators on your forum. Just open the admin panel and add the usernames of the users you want to enable the admin powers for.

The new forum settings panel has an input for Google Analytics tracking code which is used by the static search index.

The large and detailed list of changes in v1.4 can be found on the Muut updates page.

Thank you.

The Muut Team

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