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Muut 1.6 — "Someone is writing..."

Muut Inc • 2013-08-22

As of version 1.6 the world's most realtime online discussion platform is now even more realtime

Starting today, Muut knows when you are writing a new post. When you start typing, a write event is sent to the server, and a subtle “User is writing…” message is immediately shown to other users in select places; in the online section, in a thread’s metadata row, and below the reply box, among others.

2 anonymous and 2 online users are writing

Many online chats have had this feature for a while now, but in the forums space it is something unseen. It goes to show how everything in Muut happens right now.

As some of you may have noticed, we (the Muut team) are frequent visitors on our own forums—some of us practically live there. This has led to situations where, when a user posts a question on the forum and you start writing a reply, someone else beats you to it. As of now, this will happen less frequently, because the subtle notification tells you someone else is already answering the question.

2 online users are replying on the same discussion

On the other hand, this may persuade users to post questions on the forum when they see one of the admins present and writing. Users are likely to be more active when they know other people are active as well..

Or maybe you want to beat someone else in posting your reply!

A mobile view of the feature

Join the conversation

All in all, this update will greatly increase the feeling that you’re in a room, having realtime conversations with people who are chattering away, listening, or waiting for their turn to voice their opinions or ask their questions.

Remember that Muut works on all websites, including static ones. You can have truly realtime forums on your site without traffic limits.

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