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Muut 1.7 — Analytics, image uploads and better titles

Muut Inc • 2013-09-12

Latest version of Muut brings Google Analytics, image upload, separate input for title, and the ability to load earliest replies in a topic


Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking your site’s usage stats. Now that extends to the Muut forums on your site, too. We made it easy for you by creating a customized Muut Analytics template for an insightful summary view of what’s happening on your community.

Summary view

Summary • Everything with a single view


Realtime events

Realtime view events as they happen

View analytics docs…

Image upload

By popular demand, we have added image uploading to Muut. Now you can click the image icon and choose the files to be uploaded, or simply drag-and-drop your chosen pictures onto the text area.

Image upload

Gallery view

Behind the scenes we use XMLHttpRequest 2 with ability to upload multiple images and send them to the server with AJAX. This works on all browsers including IE10. In IE9 the image upload button is simply not present.

Title row

The title row on the text area has been frequently mentioned by forum owners and users alike, and we’ve acknowledged ourselves it needed improving — thus, we’re proud to present the all new title row area. With a clearer separating line, it should now encourage people to write more descriptive titles for their posts.

Separate title row

The writing area still feels like a single input. For example, you can move between fields with backspace or arrow keys.

Load oldest/newest replies

Long threads with dozens of hidden posts are now easier to navigate: you can expand the thread from the beginning or the end if there are more than 27 hidden posts.

Load oldest or newest replies

The amount of replies behind a single click is now based on the total amount of replies so that you need fewer clicks to see all the replies.

Admin badge

Now others will know whether the post is from the forum administrator or if there are any administrators online.

Admin badge

See the full, massive (!) list of changes on this version.


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