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Muut Inc • 2013-12-19

Muut 1.9 – Developer Upgrade: Private forums, custom S3 buckets

Single Sign-On Upgrade gets a boost: now called Developer, this subscription now receives a private forum feature for intranets or members-only areas; as well as the ability to store your forum’s discussions in a custom S3 bucket for search engines to crawl the discussions under your own domain, or for a backup.

Last summer we launched two upgrades, Single Sign-On and Branding, to an enthusiastic reception. Both of these upgrades have now received major new features, which our current and new subscribers can immediately start using.

The new features were significant enough as to require renaming of the upgrades to better reflect their nature. So, let us introduce Designer (was Branding) and Developer (was Single Sign-On).


Faithful to its original name (Single Sign-On), the Developer upgrade still lets you integrate your own user base to Muut, and does so without added complexity or gimmicks, such as additional registrations. Now it just does so much more.

Private forums

With Developer you can restrict access to your forums only to registered members using a secret key. This is great for intranets, members-only areas, and closed teams.

Custom S3 Buckets

Developer allows you to store the forum and commenting discussions in a custom S3 bucket. This has some benefits: first, you can have search engines crawl the content under your own domain while preventing the content from ever being indexed under the domain, thus affecting your page rank. Second, you get backups of the discussion data for added peace of mind and options.

Single Sign-On

Use your own user database, authentication system, and login screen. Your users transparently become Muut users – no additional registration. Unlimited number of users.

Wordpress authentication

Integrate to Wordpress authentication system using Muut Wordpress plugin.


A while back we launched Muut Designer, which in itself is unmatched in the way it makes your site’s discussions styleable. Tweak a few knobs, choose colors and fonts, then output the CSS and embed on your site – done. No CSS skills required. Price: Free.

Hosted forums

The newly released, and now renamed, Designer Upgrade takes things further, however. With a single click it enables you to save your Designer customizations, as well as add your own logo and color to the top bar, on the hosted forum at[forum-name]. The same logo and color are also used on your forum’s mail notifications, authorization dialogues, and indexed SEO pages.

The complete discussion system for your site

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