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WordPress Plugin 3.0 Release

Paul Hughes • 2014-05-20

That's right, embedding in WordPress just got easier.

We’re very excited to announce the latest release of our WordPress plugin, version 3.0. This version is a major update from earlier versions, with a whole new and simpler system for embedding your forums.

Page and post editor meta box

The major thing you’ll notice is our addition of a Muut meta box to the WordPress post and page editors. It allows you to easily set up a page as a Muut embed page, as well as manage specific settings for the commenting on individual posts.

The great thing about this meta box is that it does away with the need for any shortcodes! Do you want to set a page up as your main forum page? Click. Do you want to set up a page to embed a specific channel? Click. Do you want to allow for threaded commenting on one of your blog’s posts while using flat commenting on the others? Click and click.

Of course, we still support the old shortcodes, so if you’re more comfortable with them, or don’t have the time to start playing with the new system, you’re still good to go.

Flexible in all the right ways

Along with adding a few more embedding options and settings, we also have built the new version of the plugin with the future and other developers and designers in mind. To that end, we made sure our code is extensible with template tags, actions and filters, and even template overrides. We’ve got more information about all those in our main plugin documentation.

Talk to us!

We definitely aimed for a more simple and intuitive approach to embedding Muut in your website, while allowing for some advanced flexibility. Ultimately, we want our plugin to be your plugin. If there is some crazy customization that you can’t figure out, or a setup that you created with your shortcodes that you can’t figure out how to replicate with our new system, check out the plugin documentation. If that doesn’t answer your question let us know on our forum!

We also are looking for people to help with translations for the plugin itself. If you are interested in helping with that, let us know — if you know how to create a translation .po and .mo file, our .pot file is packaged with the plugin at /lang/muut.pot within the plugin root.

Thanks, and happy Muuting!

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