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WordPress Plugin 3.0.2

Paul Hughes • 2014-08-01

Now with 5 real-time Widgets!

Not only is Muut easy to embed in WordPress websites, but with the five widgets we’ve added, using Muut has gotten even cooler. Did we mention they all update in real-time? We were very proud of our 3.0 release of the plugin; it made integrating Muut with WordPress websites incredibly easy and flexible. Now we’ve extended that support by adding some widgets specific to the WordPress plugin so that you can integrate that enhanced Muut functionality seamlessly into your theme. Here’s a quick list of the widgets we created:

Online Users

Now the Online Users list isn’t limited to just your main forum page and channel embeds. You can use the Online Users widget on any of your pages to show who is currently logged in (and how many other people are viewing the site). Watch users’ portraits appear on the fly as they sign in to join the discussion.

Latest Comments

Since Muut is so great to use as the commenting system on your posts and pages, the Latest Comments widget keeps track of which posts have received the latest comments and who made them, and all the users on your website can see it update in real-time as they participate in the discussions on all your posts.

If you want to help users stay on top of which posts are getting the most activity on your forum, the Trending Posts widget does just that, with real-time updates to comments and likes—not to mention the trademark Muut green “currently typing” circle.

Discussion Channel Widget

You can now embed a single specific channel in your website’s sidebar. Users can watch and join the discussion without having to stop browsing the rest of your website.

My Feed Widget

By using the My Feed widget, users can keep track of all the activity on all the discussions they’ve joined and posts they’ve made right in your website’s sidebars.

The recently introduced Webhooks feature of Muut forums makes the Latest Comments and Trending Posts widgets possible, so that means that those two widgets will only work on forums with the Small plan or above (the others are good to go with any forum!).

The 3.0.2 update, of course, comes with the usual optimizations and clean-up, with some specific attention to maximizing your site’s SEO.

We hope you enjoy the new features! We’re definitely stoked to get to share them with you.

Happy Muuting,


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