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Weebly and Muut

Muut Inc • 2015-10-01

Two great tastes, together at last

​ Muut is proud to announce that we are among the short-list of new partners for the newest version of Weebly — one of the world’s most popular website builders! Their new refresh brings with it realtime stats, responsive themes, a drag and drop mobile app, and their new App center. ​

Muut brings you better discussion and community in to your Weebly site an easy to use community platform, with elegant and simple comments and forums. Muut is the world’s fastest community platform — so fast, it’s real-time. And it gives users a beautiful way to stay in touch. With our new Weebly App you can drag and drop Muut anywhere on your Weebly page — even on your phone.

​ The Weebly app is really straightforward. Head to our Weebly App page to install Muut to your site. And if you don’t have a Weebly page yet, you can follow their handy guide here: Weebly Beginners Guide

Starting a community website has never been this easy!

If you want to learn more about our App check out our quick documentation.