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Muut for Wordpress

Muut Inc • 2013-08-14

We are proud to announce the official Wordpress plugin.

Muut is a modern take on forums and commenting, built from ground up for realtime function, speed, responsiveness, and scalability, with a laser sharp focus on discussion itself. With this plugin Wordpress users can now easily integrate Muut into their sites to take advantage of these modern features.

Integral part of your Wordpress site

Muut forums and commenting are embeddable, and as such are a true part of your site. This applies to Wordpress sites no less. Thus, you can style your Muut forum using standard CSS to match your selected Wordpress theme. You manage your forum, including channels, admins, and subscriptions, as you would on any Muut forum.

Realtime commenting for wordpress

The content is yours, so Search Engine Optimization also works on Wordpress sites.

One user base

With Muut Single Sign-On upgrade, Wordpress users can login and participate in your discussions without a need for extra registrations or logins.

A Wordpress site can now enjoy all the unique Muut features such as realtime updates, record-breaking speed and unified experience for both forums and commenting.

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The Muut Team

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