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After completing the setup, your forum is now running at[forumname]. Here is an example forum named "goma" (Gallery of Modern Art). Click the image to see the real forum.

Flat commenting

Muut flat commenting presents a flat, chronological list of comments with newest comments at the bottom. This is a good choice when all participants to the discussion are likely to stay on one topic. Here is an example commenting on a path /goma/gallery:the-gallery-cafeteria :

Threaded commenting

Threaded commenting is like a single forum channel, where new threads are placed at the top and replies to each thread are ordered chronologically from top to bottom. Threaded commenting is a good choice when discussions are likely to cover a range of topics. Here is an example commenting on a path /goma/exhibitions :


Paths are a powerful feature in Muut that let you design unique discussion hierarchies using folder-like structures.

Try creating a new "parent" threaded commenting area by typing[forumname]/bicycles

on the browser address bar and hitting enter. Once you start a new discussion, the threaded commenting page gets dynamically created.

Next, create a new "child" threaded commenting by typing[forumname]/bicycles/helmets

and hitting enter. Again, the threaded commenting section gets dynamically created when you post something in it.

In effect, both of the above examples create a new forum channel which is not visible on the default "Channels" navigation bar. Anyone who posts in these channels, however, would see the posts in "My feed". When you navigate to the parent area[forumname]/ you will see the moots (discussion threads) in both the above channels. You can also add main-level threaded commenting sections to your forum navi later.

You can also directly create a new flat commenting area by adding a key at the end of the address:[forumname]/bicycles/helmets:how-to-choose

Once again, the discussion is created only when you post something, and will also be visible under[forumname]/.

Go ahead and experiment with different addresses to create new flat or threaded commenting sections.