Muut for Wordpress

Modern forums and commenting for the popular blogging platform.

Full blown forums for wordpress

Full blown forums

Realtime commenting for wordpress

Realtime commenting


  • Unified system for both forums and commenting. Same users and design
  • Full featured forums makes your WordPress site conversational
  • Flat or threaded commenting for small or big topics
  • Skinnable style the discussion directly from the Wordpress CSS editor
  • Realtime. No page reloads – posts, replies, likes and users appear in realtime
  • Focus on content. Text focused, uncluttered and linear user interface
  • Single Sign-On. Use the Wordpress login, users and avatars
  • Seach engine optimized. Improve your ranking with user generated content
  • Spam filtering, email notifications and 20+ different language versions


Go to Plugins > Add new, search for "moot" and hit Install now:

Installation of the Muut Wordpress plugin

Find Muut plugin settings from the left and provide your forum name.

Muut settings for Wordpress

Toggle the checkbox to replace Wordpress commenting with Muut. Done!

Use Muut commenting checkbox


Additionally you can use following shortcodes:

  • [moot] for flat commenting
  • [moot forum="true"] for forums
  • [moot threaded="true"] for threaded commenting
  • [no-moot] to disable the (automatically installed) commenting on a post
  • [moot path="/wordpress"] for commenting on a specified path

The shortcodes override the automatically generated Muut. Alternatively you can omit the "Use Muut commenting on posts"- checkbox and only use the shortcodes on selected posts or pages.

Example post with threaded commenting

Muut shortcodes for Wordpress

You can also setup Muut with pure HTML as follows:

<a href="[forumname]/[path]" id="moot">Comments</a>

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the amazing Muut paths!

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) let's you use Wordpress registration and login instead of Muut's. For this to work you need to upgrade your forums to support SSO and then input the public/private keypair to the settings.

Muut settings for Wordpress

Grab the keys directly from fthe orums by clicking the "Settings" link and then opening the "Single Sign-On" tab:

After these fields are filled the SSO is enabled on all the forum and commenting instances: be it automatically generated or installed with shortcode.