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Rhinoplasty Surgery

Fri, 05 Apr 2019 06:33:20 GMT

I recently met with an accident. I was travelling on a bike when a car hit me. I was thrown off the bike and hit the ground face first. I broke my thigh bone and some ribs. I had broken cheekbones including a broken nose and there were other minor injuries. I was lucky enough to be alive after sustaining the injuries. I had spent several weeks in the hospital, it was hell. It’s been 6 months now and I have recovered from most of the injuries. My face looks distorted now. I have to undergo two more surgeries in my cheekbone to fix my face, but they say my nose will look the same. My nose was of my best features, now it looks distorted. My surgeon did fix the broken nose but I guess I will need a plastic surgeon to fix it as before. I was thinking of doing rhinoplasty surgery from Toronto(https://www.drkreidstein.com/our-procedures/face/facial-feature-enhancement-surgery/rhinoplasty/). I don’t know how safe it is or how effective it's going to be. Is there going to be any side effects from the surgery? Will I have any breathing difficulty? What is the success rate of such a surgery? Any help would be appreciated.