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Chemical peel to remove blackheads

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 04:46:58 GMT

Hi, my face is covered with blackheads. I have an oily skin and I think, this might be the reason behind the accumulation of blackheads. They have accumulated at the tip of my nose and my nose now looks like a strawberry. I have tried pore strips for removing them. But, they were not effective. They were painful too. I have a fair skin. But, these dark spots are making my face lose its glow. I need a spotless and clear skin. My friend asked me to try chemical peel treatments ( http://www.fairviewcosmeticsurgery.com/procedures/chemical-peels/?page=1 ) from Toronto. But, I am confused on which one to try. The clinic offers about eight types of chemical peel treatments. Which one is effective in removing blackheads? My friend told that Jessner’s Peel will be ideal. Is there any particular chemical peels specialized to remove blackheads? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.