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Adirondack Chairs for Summer 2016

Thu, 31 Mar 2016 19:38:59 GMT

I am currently in the process of moving and have been for the last 5 months !!! I will be getting some chairs made at the end of may, to hopefully sell for when the good weather comes. I will be introducing one of my favourite chairs that I haven't made for 20 years, I will be making one to make plans and show you how it is done with pictures incase anybody wants to make one for their selves. The chair is a clam chair, but can't quite find the picture of the one I did, my front is slightly shorter than the ones on google images and looks a little thicker, the wood. They are very comfortable and easy to store. the chair can be made in a few hours. I am going to put rods through (6mm) and finish the ends with a nice rounded nut so it is not catchable. The original ones I made had big plugs and the nuts were hidden, but takes a lot of messing about and cutting the bar just right. I have seem the chairs with thick rope through the pieces and tied like a shoe lace. This might be a bad idea... because of stretch and they always look like they are nearly laid down and get f urther down as the night went on :) but this is a good idea if you want many different positions as you only have to have the rope through the 2 middle runs. The front and the top can still be rods and will be a much more sturdy chair. I will try both and see which I like best. Keep coming back for an update, they will be on ebay and amazon when I've got them ready. Enjoy the chairs.