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Plans for admirondack chair

Fri, 26 Dec 2014 14:22:32 GMT

How do I know what thickness of wood should be used and screw/bolt sizes? The plans state full instructions supplied! but I am not a carpenter so need FULL instructions

Sat, 10 Jan 2015 15:08:10 GMT

I must have forgot to include the instructions with your plans, see below for instructions: 1. When cutting out you chair I use all 8” x 1” wood. You will need around 10 Meter’s. 2. Two spacers need to be cut from the waste for the seat slats, 12mm wide x 21” long ( or a tad under). You will need a 14mm piece of scrap for the back slats. 3. Put your legs together first with 4 x M6 bolts x 50mm and large washers and locking nuts, when the different seasons come and go the normal nuts all come loose. 4. You will need to create jigs for the back support and back slats if you are going to make more than one chair. (if you need any help email me and I will send you a picture what I use). 5. When cutting the back slats you flip the piece of 8”x1” and get three out of one length “32 inches”. 6. The screws I use are 40mm and 35mm for the back supports, you should need 60@ 40mm and 8@35mm