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Snap sometimes doesn't work

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 00:55:25 GMT

I'm trialing AT version 2.2.6 on Windows 10. I'm generally really happy with it and likely to buy. However, I've noticed several instances when events in the timeline will not snap to other events when moving them. Other details: this is moving a single event. Neither the shortened dotted vertical line appears, nor the message about snapping. When there are several events on the page, the moving event will fail to snap to most of them, but sometimes will snap to a random one or two, but not when the cursor is near them, rather when it is offset from them by quite a lot. This snapping feature is key to the usefulness of the application. Is there something I can do to get events snapping again? Quitting and restarting AT doesn't help. Also, I am syncing to a Scrivener project. Thanks, Jon

Mon, 18 Dec 2017 16:36:44 GMT

Sorry this ended up in the wrong forum. Not a Wish List item.