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My Story: KJ

Thu, 17 Mar 2016 00:01:30 GMT

Hey guys, I guess I'm the first one to post. Exciting! I'm extremely lucky to have been born into a loving, supportive family. For a long time I took that for granted, but over the years I've gained some perspective. I never want to take them for granted again. I'm pretty much straight, and I have been passionate about social justice for the LGBTQ community, especially in churches. For the past few years, I've played in a jazz band that is specifically for LGBTQ folks and allies. Well, they needed a piano player, and I needed a big band (and I consider myself an ally), so I joined. About a year in, at a social event, someone asked me if my girlfriend would be coming to the party. It kind of caught me off guard, but I ended up 'coming out' to that person. "Uhm, actually, I have a boyfriend, and he's, uhm, busy tonight..." It was personal, slightly uncomfortable, and novel (and I completely acknowledge that experiencing it as novel is a sign of my privilege). Immediately after, I started imagining how exhausting it would be to constantly correct people's assumptio ns, or dodge questions, or lie. And I know that's just the very tip of the iceberg of what most LGBTQ folks deal with on a daily basis. Reflecting on this story has made me more empathetic, and more thirsty to hear people's stories. Thanks for listening to mine.