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Share Your Story!

Wed, 16 Mar 2016 23:42:00 GMT

First, please be sure to read through the short Read Me before posting; we want to make sure everyone knows what's going on! This is the place to share your story or your stories. We've all got them, and whether they are LGBTQ-related, family-related, or anything else-related, they are welcome here. We'd like you to keep two things in mind: first, this is a public forum, so please don't share anything you don't want to be publicly available. If you need to talk to someone more privately, you can take a look at our Resources page for someone to contact, or shoot us an email at Secondly, please treat everyone here with kindness and respect. We've all been through tough times, and nobody deserves to be shamed or insulted, no matter what. You all know this, but we thought it would behoove us to post a little reminder. :) Thank you in advance for sharing your stories. - Stephen & the Team