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Релиз Arctic Engine v0.4.0

Sun, 01 Jul 2018 10:44:19 GMT

*Релиз:* *New features:* Project wizard with automated project generation/update Loading all TGA kinds are now supported + saving sprites as TGA GUI buttons (clickable, with hotkeys, tab order) Direct access to InputMessages that were processed this frame with full keyboard state in each message File and directory functions: GetDirectoryEntries, path canonicalization and relativization Log library Unit-test library Transparent pixel skipping Blending modes for all the drawing functions Fast Random(min, max) Cursor hiding (OSX only at the moment) Cmake debug builds are now built with the address sanitizer *Fixed bugs:* Modifier key releases were not processed under OSX Short sounds didn't play at all, long sound playback might be stopper early Empty sound handling was buggy Cmake projects needed an update There was an Ui32 underflow in the engine Some API names were misleading Numbers in arctic one font were unaligned Multiline text output was buggy Trying to load missing sound and sprite files caused a fatal error