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[RULES] Five-Sentence Fics

Wed, 02 Dec 2015 08:21:41 GMT

*Challenge someone:* Post a prompt and someone will write you a five-sentence fic. A prompt can be a celebrity + setting, a pairing + setting, a single word, a short phrase, a quote, a picture, a video, etc. or *Challenge yourself:* Choose a prompt and write a five-sentence fic. *Rules* - Everyone (readers and writers) is welcome to participate. Yes, even if you're a reader, you can write a five-sentence fic. Don't be shy. Practice makes perfect. =) - When posting a prompt, create a new topic, include the word _Prompt:_ in the title and select the channel _Five-Sentence Fics_. - When posting a fic, it must be FIVE sentences. Not 6, not 7, not 10. IMPORTANT: If you're a writer and would like to use one of these prompts for a story you wish to post on AFF, please credit the prompter who posted it.