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Expect Barriers & Overcome Them

Tue, 09 Jan 2018 20:51:46 GMT

We're excited about our new workout goals. We're on a roll. Inevitably, there will be setbacks, or occasions that test your motivation. What can you do to push through them? Expect that these obstacles will arise. Circumvent them!! How: Predict difficult situations You're tired *Pack an extra set of gym clothes in your car so it's all ready. *Think about your role models: How do you think Michael Jordan did it? *Tell a friend that you know it will be hard to get to the gym. Text him/her to hold you accountable and to keep bothering you until you get there *Meet your friend at the gym *Tell yourself, "I'm going to try to workout for 10 minutes." Chances are that you will continue to workout past those 10 minutes. You're at work until 10 pm and the gym is about to close. *Put on your favorite music. Get pumped!! *Look up an at-home workout *Go for a run *Remind yourself wh y you started. *Fast-forward two hours from now. Will you feel excited about missing your workout?