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How to Overcome Performance Anxiety

Wed, 10 Jan 2018 21:00:15 GMT

Self-doubt leads to additional anxiety, thereby affecting performance. HOW you interpret your anxiety matters. What is anxiety? It's characterized by a state of hyperarousal: a person experiences the  state of fight-or-flight. In this state, you may experience an increased heart rate or shallow breathing. Two types of reactions to anxiety, with differing intensities, Facilitative: These individuals tend to experience anxiety symptoms positively. Individuals with facilitative reactions are more confident before performing. Debilitative: Anxiety hinders performance. This reaction hinders performance and individuals with this reaction view anxiety in a negative light. If you react in a debilitative fashion: Gain more awareness of your anxiety and what happens to your body when you get anxious. Notice the next time you have these physical sensations associated with anxiety. Acknowledge these symptoms, "This is what happens to my body when I'm anxious." Soon enough, you will be working with your anxiety, rather than letting it interfere with your performance!