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Relaxation Techniques

Sat, 21 Oct 2017 15:23:05 GMT

Imagine what you want to achieve. Studies suggest that mental imagery is most effective when you combine the specific skill you want to perform with relaxation techniques. These skills assist the athlete with the pressures of the competitive event. Exercise: Imagine that you are about to get on the field (or wherever your event takes place). Is it loud? Are people cheering? How does it smell? Do you smell the freshly-cut grass? Now does your chest feel? Is your heart beating fast? Take a deep breath. Count to 4, then breathe out. Count to 4. Repeat until your heart rate decreases. Munroe, K.J., Giacobbi, P.R., Hall, C., Weinberg, R. (2000). The four Ws of imagery use: Where, when, why, and what. The Sport Psychologist, 14, 119-137.