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Bug Submission Guideline

Thu, 26 Jan 2017 23:28:40 GMT

Here is what you should include the following in your submission: *Topic subject:* When creating a new topic, make the topic subject as informative as possible. There is little point in creating a topic called "Bug" An acceptable topic subject would be: Uploading high-scores crashes game. Inside your topic could you include as much information as possible. The more the better! The following is a simple structure that can be used: *What the bug does:* Describe in as much detail as you can, what the bug does. E.g. Game crashes when selecting the upload high-score feature. *What device and version you were using:* If you could include the device you where using, the device version and the Audio Game Hub version. E.g. iPhone 4S, Operating System XX, Audio Game Hub Version YY. *Are you able to reproduce it:* A list of instructions on how you were able to produce this bug, and if you are able to, an instruction set on how to reproduce it. E.g. Yes, every time I activate the upload high-score button it crashes. *How frequent is it:* Was this a one off thing, or does it ha ppen often? E.g. Happens every time I click the upload high-score button. *Any other information you can think of:* If its a sound issue and your playing Audio Game Hub on your computer, you might include the some information about the speakers you are using. E.g. This started happening when I updated to the latest version x.x. This information will greatly aid the developers to isolate and asses the issue you are having.