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Cougar Karate Kai

Thu, 31 Dec 2015 11:18:49 GMT

It seemed appropriate now we have this forum to give you all a little more information about your South Derbyshire based associate club. During 2015 we made a commitment to the BKG to become part of your group (a natural step as BKG effectively evolved from Cougar many years ago and we have always retained a strong friendship). We will retain our Cougar Karate Kai identity for club purposes, but will licence and grade through BKG and will follow the BKG syllabus. After a club committee meeting yesterday we have decided to have a single weekly club training session on a Thursday night from 7.00 to 8.00pm at the Church Gresley Methodist Church, York Road, Church Gresley, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9QQ. Our new training rates for 2016 will be £4.00 per night per person, and a capped family rate of £7.00 for immediate family (e.g.. mum, dad and two kids). There is plenty of free off road parking and all are welcome. The leadership team; Chief Instructor - Gary Musson (Rokudan) Senior Instructor - Gerald Tuckwood (Yondan) Instructor - Grahame Shaw (Shodan) Instructor - Joel Warren (Shodan) Treasurer - Sue Shaw If you visit be prepared to experience a little experimental training. During 2016 we will be exploring and practicing complimentary techniques to increase the effectiveness of our core system. A little bruising can be expected.