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Respironics CPAP Warning Announced

Tue, 25 May 2021 11:10:49 GMT

Not to throw shade on the competition, but when it comes to a customer's health a company should absolutely be more open about what they discover, if there is a problem with what they are selling. That said, Respironics appears to have had blower issues where degrading foam particles are getting sucked up into the blower fan of their CPAP units (they don't list which are affected, but blame it on O3 cleaning or improper cleaning problems) whereby the end user is able to suck in the particles into their lungs. Jason Sazama otherwise known as Investigative Reporter Lefty Lanky of has put this eyeopening story together and it's quite the shocker, in my opinion. It's either a terrible marketing story to drop this bit of news in the same month they released their new CPAP unit or amazingly dumb on many levels, because they knew about this far longer than they let on (even ResMed realized some time ago O3 was causing problems with their blowers and clearly stated it voided the warranty), but only now announced it. Either way, the optics are pretty bad. Pleas e watch this video and comment on what you think: atch?v=yuR2oY5tYyU Also, please share everywhere you can, as we are talking about health issues and complications.