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Great Product and great customer service

Tue, 23 Mar 2021 15:41:09 GMT

I imagine like a lot of others, I was NOT thrilled when I got diagnosed with sleep apnea. Covid had been enough on my anxiety! I was falling asleep during the day and to see if it was stress or something else, I did a sleep study. But getting to do the sleep study in a lab meant I got to try different masks out with professionals. I went through three, the nasal pillow (awful for me, I move so much it just shot air in my eyes for hours), the nasal one that inserts (I panicked with this one, felt like I was choking and did not work well with a deviated septum), and around 3 am they tried me on the Bleep DreamPorts. The only reason they hadn't tried it first was because my skin is so sensitive to medical tape I had gotten rashes from the electrodes during the first study. But I wish we had started with the DreamPorts so I could have actually slept that night. I have zero memory between 3am and 5:30am when they woke me up. The DreamPorts sealed the best, so no dry eyes. They didn't hurt my nose at all. And no reaction to the adhesive, which was huge since even Ban d-Aids bother my skin. Once I got the bleep system home, I had a little bit of trial and error figuring out the best way to stick the stickers to my nose. Even not getting it perfect, it worked well and I could see a huge improvement in my sleep. No snoring, no waking up with badly dried out sinuses, no nose bleeds, and my Resmed myAir app showed a pretty clear graph that AHI events were dropping fast. When I could get the stickers on just right, it was just about perfect. No seal issues picked up by the machine or the app and it was easy to unhook at night when I needed to use the bathroom. Everything worked perfectly for cleaning it, but I did get a small tear on the black valve filter bit when I removed it to clean (called - Vent Diffuser Strap Kit and Replacement Vent Filters if you need to google it or ask). I emailed the company about 9pm last Saturday that supplied my CPAP system and Bleep to try to get a replacement. I'm kicking myself for not reaching out to Bleep sooner - I received a response by 8am the next morning helping me identify the product I was talking about, an offer to send me a new one, and with links on where to get replacements in the future. I love this vent filter, it helps make the mask even quieter and is soft when it does touch my lips (I move a lot). When I mentioned having some issues getting the stickers on just right (I have a deviated septum, so my nostrils are different sizes and my nose isn't straight), he was kind enough to send me links for application and trouble shooting on the dream ports and a link for a product that seasoned CPAP users know about (called a tube management system) - it's an arm that holds the hose up above your head so all that weight isn't pulling down! Even better, he found one on sale for half off on amazon and that would show up the next day. I used it the first time last night and it works really well, too. It's funny - I didn't realize I was talking to the CEO until about my 3rd email back and forth - I remember being surprised someone would write me on a Sunday and was so helpful to go out of their way to help answer so many questions. I was impressed with the level of care and customer service! Then checked past the name (Stuart) and noticed the signature block for the full name. It is really nice to see someone who created the company taking the time to personally help customers. This whole process is stressful and hard to figure out. I feel a lot better knowing there is a great resource here to match a great product.

Tue, 23 Mar 2021 20:41:25 GMT

csbrown - Thank you for the wonderful review! We are always here to support our customers. I'm glad it's going well for you.