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Thu, 15 Jul 2021 08:27:46 GMT

Love the product! One thing that has been happening is when I’m laying in bed after a little bit I notice that condensation starts forming. And if I lay on my side or stomach water droplets leak out under the tape, and some times I have to get up and put a new set of dream ports on. I have tried turning my humidifier down to 1 and it still is happening. Any tips? Thanks

Sat, 31 Jul 2021 15:27:21 GMT

Is your Tube heater on? Might want to consider turning it on or up. How cold is your room? Might want to consider not having it as cold. Also, you can invest in a tube sleeve insulator to help protect the tubing from temp changes going on around it. Are you sure you need humidity right now? Does having it at 1 impact any dryness?