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Week 13

Mon, 20 Apr 2015 09:31:45 GMT

Aloha All, Last week, we talked about web analytics and in particular sentiment analysis. You learned how to use Semantria, an Excel add-in (https://semantria.com/excel), to analyze customer reviews on the web. For video tutorials, visit this page: https://semantria.com/support/excel/video-tutorials/ On Wednesday, we will continue our discussion on web analytics by learning about social media monitoring and social network analysis. As an optional reading, I attach an article on sentiment analysis concept. In the last lab, we learned about some Statistical functions in MS excel and you learned how to use Excel Solver. This week, we will work on Project #9, Access assignment, and learn how to conduct data validation and analysis with Access. Last week, we talked about the group project as well. Please check this link http://abhari.info/bus311/group-project/ for its overall direction and let me know if you have any questions. Again, please post the topic of your project on the forum under Group Project title. So far, I only know about three projects! In addition, please note that you need to present your final project in the class either on April 29 or May 6 to get your 5% presentation credit. However, the report due date is May 8. I strongly encourage you to meet with me if you are not clear about the Group Project. Do not wait until the due date, as it will be too late to work on improving that. Thank You, Kaveh Attachments: What is Sentiment Analysis: https://laulima.hawaii.edu/access/content/attachment/MAN.82521.201530/Announcements/6371734b-24d2-4095-b913-8878b7f942e5/BUS311-Reading_W13-Sentiment%20Analysis.pdf