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Week 14

Wed, 29 Apr 2015 08:57:52 GMT

Dear All, - Last week, we talked about social media monitoring and analysis. We learned about a few applications for social media monitoring: IBM Social Analytics (http://www-01.ibm.com/software/analytics/media/spss/social-analytics/), PlusOne (http://www.plusonesocial.com/), Hootsuite (https://hootsuite.com), and SumAll (https://sumall.com/). You also successfully developed a case of social marketing strategy. In the lab, you worked on an Access assignment and learned about calculated fields and validation rules. In our next lab, we will work on the last MS Office assignment, which is on creating forms and reports in MS Access. - Tomorrow, I will help you with the group project. Attendance is compulsory! Please note that the due date for report is on May 8, but you should present your case on May 6 to receive 5% for presentation. When you’re done with the final report, please add it to your site. You may receive up to 5% extra credit for submitting one of the top projects. - Three general comments on improving your final project: 1- Be specific about your technology solution. For example, suggesting a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is not enough; you need to indicate a specific package from a specific vendor. For instance, you may choose a solution from these companies: Odoo, Zoho, Salesforce, SAP (SME solutions), Oracle (Business solutions), or Microsoft Dynamics and then discuss how it can address the problem. We talk more about this tomorrow. 2- Think about the feasibility of you solution in terms of Budgetary feasibility, Operational feasibility, and Technical feasibility. I will explain more about these terms in class. 3- Solve root cause not symptoms! For instance, CRM system is not a good solution for the company that cannot meet the market demand due to operational limitations, or restrictions on production/resources. In this case, you need a manufacturing and resource planning system (an ERP module) to optimize performance, increase production, and minimize waste rather than a CRM solution. - Nine MS Office assignments and the Tableau project are due on May 8. If you have any questions/problems, please contact me before the deadline and I would be more than happy to help. Please also submitting your answers to three textbook cases. One paragraph for each would be enough. - Next week, I'll add your grades to Laulima. If you are worried about your grade, I strongly encourage you to meet with me this week. I try my best to help you improve your grade. Please send me an email to schedule a meeting by coming Friday. You can also call me on 808 859 7091 / 213 290 1415 iIf coming to campus is difficult for you. - Lastly, the online course evaluation is currently open for you. Please log in to eCAFE at http://www.hawaii.edu/ecafe using your UH username and password. Thank you in advance for participating in my evaluation. Aloha!